December, 29, 2010

E&L Attorney(s)

Brian Lopez (for Plaintiff)


281st Judicial District, Harris County, Texas


Hon. Sylvia Matthews
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AutoSpec, Inc. v. Car King Auto Center and Ahmad Elnumeiri, No. 2009-41320


Plaintiff is an automobile dealership who formerly owned and held a lien on the automobile identified as a 2001 BMW 540i automatic, 4-door sedan.

Defendant Ahmad Elnumeiri, who was not the rightful owner of the Automobile, sought to have repair work performed on the automobile at the Car King Auto Center.  Defendant Car King performed repair work on the vehicle even though Elnumeiri was neither the rightful owner, nor listed on the title.

Upon Elnumeiri’s failure to pay for the repairs, Car King Auto Center improperly seized the vehicle and sold it.  Plaintiff complained to Car King Auto Center and provided written notice of its lien on the automobile and of pending litigation.  Plaintiff filed suit against Defendants and Defendants denied such complains and denied all wrongdoing in connection with the conversion of the automobile.


AutoSpec owned the 2001 BMW 540i automatic, 4-door sedan.  Elnumeiri and Car King wrongfully exercised dominion or control over the vehicle.  AutoSpec suffered injury as a result of Elnumeiri and Car King’s actions, and sought recovery for the following:

  1. Economic damages, including but not limited to loss of value;
  2. Exemplary damages;
  3. Pre-judgment interest;
  4. Post-judgment interest;
  5. Court costs; and
  6. Attorneys’ fees and expenses of litigation.

Demand was made to Defendants for $18,000.00.

Verdict Information

$17,200 ($5,200 actual damages, plus $12,000 in attorneys’ fees)