March, 05, 2007

E&L Attorney(s)

John Engvall, Jr., Brian Lopez


Judicial District Court of EI Paso County, Texas


Angie Juarez Barill
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Mario Bejarano v. C.F. Jordan, L.P.


The accident report indicates that the automobile accident occurred at approximately 7:21 p.m. The report also indicates that Gateway West is a one-way, three-lane roadway that runs west along 1-10. Plaintiff Mario Bejarano, in his 1995 red Saturn, was traveling westbound along Gateway West. The accident report indicates “witnesses stated that Unit #1 had been traveling at a high rate of speed and lost control after going over the mud pile on the Gateway. Unit #1 veered to the left and struck the south curb and went into the rock median then rolled over numerous times.” The accident was originally reported as a death case to police when the accident happened. A priest was called to come to the scene and performed last rites.

Plaintiff admittedly sustained brain injury after the accident with a Glascow Coma Scale of 4. He underwent a frontal crainomity and was diagnosed with multiple scalp lacerations for the open depressed skull fracture in the left frontal region. Plaintiff was hospitalized for 45 days at Thomason Hospital and Del Sol Rehabilitation in El Paso, Texas. Priest was called and performed last rites at hospital.

Verdict Information

Jury awarded $121,600 to Plaintiff, based on finding that Border Mechanical was 20% at fault and based on total damage award of $608,000